Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him

Someone once said that Washington D.C. is like Hollywood for ugly people. With his upcoming gallery show, Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him focused on fame, power, and the almighty dolla, Atlanta-based artist Kendrick Daye of Art Nouveau Magazine gives today's personalities (celebrity and political) the pop art treatment and maybe proves the point. 

The show, which features mostly portraits of American cultural icons, could be considered the result of what would happen if Basquiat and Warhol had a lovechild. Said child would be coming into his own in this golden age of instant marketing and spontaneous fame and fortune. 

Aside from imaginative, layered portraits, the strength of Daye's current work are the few pieces of the show that highlight the fine line between political prominence and celebrity. While their are many highs in the recent series, perhaps my favorite is the one featured left of the Gipper himself. Doesn't it just make you want to forget about the jobless economy and eat a bag of jelly beans? No? Why the long face?

UPDATE: Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him opens tomorrow, April 14 from 8pm-12am at Studio 900 in Atlanta. Click here to purchase work from the show. View some of the work below after the jump.