Ain't That Bad? x Maya Angelou


Ain't That Bad?

Dancin' the funky chicken

Eatin' ribs and tips

Diggin' all the latest sounds

And drinkin' gin in sips.

Puttin' down that do-rag

Tighten' up my 'fro

Wrappin' up in Blackness

Don't I shine and glow?

Hearin' Stevie Wonder

Cookin' beans and rice

Goin' to the opera

Checkin' out Leontyne Price.

Get down, Jesse Jackson

Dance on, Alvin Ailey

Talk, Miss Barbara Jordan

Groove, Miss Pearlie Bailey.

Now ain't they bad?

An ain't they Black?

An ain't they Black?

An' ain't they Bad?

An ain't they bad?

An' ain't they Black?

An' ain't they fine?

Black like the hour of the night

When your love turns and wriggles close to your side

Black as the earth which has given birth

To nations, and when all else is gone will abide.

Bad as the storm that leaps raging from the heavens

Bringing the welcome rain

Bad as the sun burning orange hot at midday

Lifting the waters again.

Arthur Ashe on the tennis court

Mohammed Ali in the ring

Andre Watts and Andrew Young

Black men doing their thing.

Dressing in purples and pinks and greens

Exotic as rum and Cokes

Living our lives with flash and style

Ain't we colorful folks?

Now ain't we bad?

An' ain't we Black?

An' ain't we Black?

An' ain't we bad?

An' ain't we bad?

An' ain't we Black?

An' ain't we fine?