Joe Lhota denies ‘race-baiting,’ defends stop-and-frisk

Despite being nearly 40 points behind his Democratic opponent in the polls, the Republican candidate for New York City mayor, Joe Lhota, is campaigning hard to reach as many New Yorkers as possible before Election Day.

In debates and commercials, Lhota has come out swinging at opponent Bill de Blasio. In one recent ad, Lhota depicts a city besieged by crime if de Blasio is elected. For its use of images from a 1991 race riot in Brooklyn, many have called the ad “race baiting” and “divisive” but the Lhota campaign has defended its message and the aggressive campaign against de Blasio.

TheGrio sat down with Lhota days before the final mayoral debate to discuss the controversial ad, his vision for the city and how he thinks stop-and-frisk can be applied fairly.

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