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EXCLUSIVE: Amel Larrieux on Making a Comeback with New Album

Amel Larrieux broke out onto the music scene back in 1995 as one-half of Groove Theory. Her effortless vocals and thoughtful songwriting, coupled with Bryce Wilson’s production produced hit songs like “Never Enough” and “Tell Me.” Larrieux released four albums since Groove Theory disbanded in 1999—including her most recent, 2007’s Lovely Standards, a collection of classic jazz songs. She released "Afraid," her first single in five years this week (listen in below). spoke with Larrieux to discuss her five-year absence, what makes a song album-worthy and her forthcoming album, Ice Cream Every Day.

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In the Bronx, a lady sings the blues

Eloise Hinds had a powerful voice that rose and fell with little effort back when she went by Lois. She was an R&B singer living in New York and recorded her biggest single, “Loving In Vain Again” for Okeh records. The October ‘52 issue of Billboard magazine described the song as a “rhythm opus” on “buck-beat backing” wrapped up in Hinds’ strong “warble.” Fifty-nine years later, she still lives in New York but has lost the voice that gave her a brush with fame so many years ago. 

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