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Malinda Williams Spills On New Talk Show, Co-Parenting With Mekhi Phifer, And Why Black Women Aren’t Interchangeable

The last time Malinda Williams was on your television screen, it was probably as “Bird” on Showtime’s hit series Soul Food. The veteran actress is stepping onto new ground, however, as co-host of a new talk show on the brand new ASPiRE network. As one of the first programs on the network, “Exhale” will also feature journalist Angela Burt-Murray, comedians Erin Jackson and Issa Rae, and television anchor Rene Syler as co-hosts of a show focused on issues that matter most to black women. Madame Noire caught up with Williams recently to discuss what she’s been up to, why she thinks “Exhale” will change lives and the hot topics she can’t wait to discuss.

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